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mm-017CD – Ernstalbrecht Stiebler – Ensemble Modern – Hans-Peter Schulz

Ton in Ton

Release Date: 13.05.2013





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mm-021CD + LP – Denseland

Like Likes Like

Release Date: 13.05.2013





End of november m=minimal will release a special cd edition of the Conrad Schnitzler classic “Ballet Statique”

This record was released originally under the name “Con” and we think it’s time to give it it’s name back.

The strictly limited edition of 1000 numbered copies will have a cardboard slipcase titled “Ballet Statique”. If you take the slipcase of you get a copy of “Con”

Also included is a special mix of the legendary red cassette with the rhythm track and the synth track panned hard to left and right side of the stereo panorama. Buyers of the CD can download the full sterero mixes of the cassette with the included download code.

The 24 pages booklet includes some unreleased photographs of Conrad Schnitzler and a text about “Zug” written by Wolfgang “Sequenza” Seidel in german and english.





Our artist Nicholas Desamory was interviewed by the Distant Vibes Magazine.

Please read the whole text here:  Interview



Denseland live at Ruhtriennale

Denseland will release their new album soon on m=minimal.

they play a live show at this years ruhrtriennale in Essen





Jens Strüver spins records on aseptember 7th with Pantha du Prince at Festsaal Kreuzberg

Nicholas Desamory and guests play live on september 8th at Festsaal Kreuzberg

Details here:


and here:












mm-015lp + cd +download

September 2012







Borngräber & Strüver’s latest album represents a unique selection of chamber music compositions created in the period of 2000 through 2012. This denotes a new facet in the musical cosmos of the Berliner duo, combining influences in the range of minimal music, classic and baroque, as well as the art of improvisation and pop culture. Clouds can be considered as an album for fans of Richard Skelton, The Caretaker and Christian Naujoks, but its distinctive work manages to reach a far wider audience.

 The album begins with the piece Wellen (Waves) for soprano and strings. The music is arranged and composed in a sort of wavy-shape, as the title suggests. It is a piece in the purest form of minimalism: Without an end, without a beginning.

 The following track Mobile pays homage to Richard Strauss’ Don Quixote, as musical parts and constantly changing atmospheres reconcile to create a sense of movement and mobility. Last but not least, Secret Bells represents an “instant composition” as Charles Mingus would say, combining piano works and field recordings.

 Clouds 1-3 were written for a virtual chamber orchestra and join together to give the album its leading name. These “Clouds” differentiate themselves trough stylistic influences, ranging from classical to the latest in music.





On june 22 Nicholas Desamory will present his new record live at West Germany – Berlin.

5€ – the party will start after the football match Germany-Greece.

Journalist please contact us for guest list.

Nicholas will play his new album live and the other live act ist Hanno Leichtmann with his Vulva string quartet + DJ


mm-014lp + cd + download

release date: 13.08.2012







Con-Struct the 2nd – When we asked Andreas Reihse to produce a Con-Struct album for us he didn’t hesitate to accept.

Andreas Reihse, member of Kreidler and solo artist (album: Romantic Comedy m=minimal mm-008) is one of the most important representants of the post-kraut generation, he also knows and loves the music of Conrad Schnitzler. The result is this second Con-Struct album.

The composition Con-Struct 9 opens this work, epic spheres, deep electronic music that only can be produced being an admirer of Conrads sound aesthetics. Andreas Reihse starts his travel through the sound tracks of Conrad Schnitzler showing his producer and composer skills. The following tracks of this album contain some surprises. Some of the “Con-Structs” are groovy, in
other Reihse and Schnitzler beam us to abstract worlds.

Con-Struct is based on an idea of Conrad Schnitzler and m=minimal. This series will be continued.

The vinyl version contains a download code, the cd contains an extended version of Con-Struct 9 and the bonus track Con-Struct 17.



Together with their new album “clouds” borngräber & strüver will release their albums “in g” and “urlaub” on one CD.

Both albums were previously available only on vinyl.


Nicholas Desamory – Like you

mm-013 CD + DLP + Download

release date 09.07.2012







“empty your pockets – unzip your soul – move your assets”

Nicholas Bussmann has shed his skin once again, now transforming into Nicholas Desamory to release “like you” – a House album of such warmth and rough elegance, it will leave the scene all excited. House has always been an open genre, allowing to sample, adapt and incorporate other styles. On “like you” however, each of the 7 tracks opens a new window, one leading to Bollywood, another one to Bernhard Herrmann, and the next time it might be Morton Feldmann. It’s the reduced string and vocal arrangements that lead to this album’s specific sound – the warmth – and evoke the great Norman Whitfield. But all of the sudden the sound changes direction again to make us realize: It is 2012! And this is how House music has to be in 2012!

In recent years, Nicholas Bussmann has brought manifold works into being. His last release was a cooperational album with Chico Mello: Telebossa – a mélange of Brazilian songwriting, precise electronics and minimal music, receiving rave reviews and gaining nominations for many rankings of the year. In addition, together with drummer Martin Brandlmayer (Radian) Nicholas Bussmann released two complementary electro-acoustic albums: Kapital Band 1 “2 CD” and “Playing by Numbers” and in 2010, he brought to stage a concept for a modernized opera with Barnes Dance.

Hence it is not surprising to find several illustrious guests on his new record: Hanno Leichtmann, Florina Speth and Todosch support as instrumentalists. And alongside Nicholas Desamory, Charles Ndubisi, Yusuf Ergün and notably Lucile Desamory lend their voices to the album.